Designed by Msuha Alexander
School Academic Calendar 2016
05/01/2016 Students Reporting at school for opening All Teachers and non Teahers
06/01/2016 Teaching program starts Students and workers
12/01/2016 Zanzibar Revolution Day (Holiday) Students and workers
25-29/01/2016 Monthly Tests Academic cordinators
22/02/206 School Board All school board members
22-26/02/2016 Monthly Tests Students and teachers
07/03/2016 Departmental meeting Member of departments
14-18/03/2016 Mid-term tests Academic office
22/03/2016 Midi-term Break (Easter) All students
03/04/2016 Students reporting from mid-term break Students and workers
25-30/04/2016 Monthly Tests Academic office
16-20/05/2016 Terminal Examination Academic master
27/05/2016 Closing the school for terminal holiday All students
03/07/2016 Students reporting at school from terminal holiday Students and workers
04/07/2016 Class program and other duties proceeds Students and workers
25-29/07/2016 Monthly Tests Ademic office
29/08/2016 Mid-term test Academic Master
02/09/2016 Closing the school for short leave Students
22/09/2016 Pre-form one program starts Academic master
Form two Natinal Examination All form two(s)
15/10/2016 Form four graduation ceremony School society
29/10/2016 Form one entry examination All applicants
14/11/2016 Annual examination Form One and Form Three
25/11/2016 Annual leave / break  
New form One reporting at school  
30/12/2016 Staff meeting for allocation of teaching periods and other duties All teaching and non teaching staffs
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