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Advanced Level Secondary School
Learning Subjects
Jifunzeni high school offers the following subjects:
- General studies,
- History,
- Geography,
- English language, and
- Kiswahili.
- Basic Applied Mathematics,
- Economics,
- Advanced Mathematics.
- Physics,
- Chemistry,
- Biology,
- Accountancy, and
- Commerce
Current Combinations
All subjects combinations include general studies as compulsory subsidiary subject. The current subjects combination are shown in the schedue below:
HGL History, Geography, and English Language
HGK History, Geography, and Kiswahili
HKL History, Kiswahili, and English Langauge
HGE History, Geography and Economics
EGM Economics, Geography, and Advanced Mathematics
PCM Physics, Chemistry, and Advanced Mathematics
PGM Physics, Geography, and Advanced Mathematics
PCB Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
CBG Chemistry, Biology, and Geography
ECA Economics, Commerce and Accountancy
Enactment and Location
Jifunzeni has enacted advanced secondary education in 2016. Studies at Jifunzeni high school will commence effectively on June, 2016. Jifunzeni high school is located at the distance of two kilometers (2Km) from Ituha bus station.
If you are interested with Jifunzeni High school and wish to join advanced level secondary education in the current academic year click here.
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