About Jifunzeni High School
The idea to establish Jifunzeni schools was generated in 2008 by Mr. Emmanuel Kajange and Mr. John's Mwakabela. This was due to the plans of JSSP to promote and extends spiritual and social services including environmental protection, provision of education, health, and water services to the community.

Due to increase in demand of social and spiritual services the organization decided to provide education and to include within it environmental protection and health services.

Establishment of the School
Jifunzeni schools are ones of the schools which provide quality education, guidance and behavour to the students in Mbeya Region as well as Tanzania. Ordinary level secondary school was enacted in 2011, while the advanced secondary school was enacted in 2016.

The schools are fully registered under the ministry of education and vocational training with registration number S4395 and Examination centre number S4628. The ordinary level school started with eighty four (84) form one students and forty four (44) form two students (transferred from other schools) in 2011.

We currently offer ordinary level secondary education and advance level secondary education.


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